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Bracelets with a story to tell™

American Bald Eagle Bracelet

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Our American Bald Eagle Bracelet consist of 2 large strikingly yellow center beads (representing the eagles large beak) with 5 white bone button beads on either side. The bracelet is completed symmetrically with 4 natural wood beads waxed to a dark brown.

* Crafted using leather, stainless steel and lava stone
* Jewelry always crafted with natural semiprecious stones and materials - no plastic or painted items.
* Regular size is 7-7.5 inches (18-19cm) - sizes can be customized - just email us!
* Made in Alaska by Alaskans - only crafted when ordered.
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A Bracelet with a Story to Tell™:

American Bald Eagle Bracelet Inspiration: The Symbol of America - the American Bald Eagle - was chosen by our forefathers to represent the United States but has been a symbol for native peoples much longer. Bald eagles are massive birds with bodies between 28 and 40 inches, a wing span of 5' 11" up to 7' 7" and weighing between 6.6 and 13.9 pounds. The female eagle is significantly larger than the male. The largest Bald Eagles come from Alaska. 

Our American Bald Eagle Bracelet consist of 2 large strikingly yellow center beads (representing the eagles large beak) with 5 white bone button beads on either side. The bracelet is completed symmetrically with 4 natural wood beads waxed to a dark brown. This bracelet can be crafted with either black. brown or grey bolo leather. This is a bold bracelet perfect for anytime wear. 

Story Time: Here in Alaska, we see eagles on the daily soaring high, sitting high in trees, or even diving into the icy waters after a fish. But one evening as Tammy and I were rounding a bend in the road, there happened to be some road kill. Unfortunately, there was also a bald eagle having a snack. I did not have time to brake and could not swerve (you know, mountain and cliff deal). I instantly thought, 'I am going to jail for killing a Bald Eagle." Well turns out, they are swift. That bird leapt in the air, flapped twice and flew over the hood of our car for several hundred feet. It was HUGE - a wing span wider than the car, body longer than the car hood. My heart was racing and all Tammy could say was 'WOW! Did you see that! It has really big feet!" That was NOT my first thought.

So, what is your Bald Eagle story?

This is a stretch bracelet to fit most wrists. 

Our Premier Hand-Crafted Bracelets

  • Always best quality natural materials and craftsmanship
  • Always a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Always designed and crafted in the United States of America
  • Always made by residents of the Great State of Alaska
  • Custom designs are always available - just message or call us!
Men do look attractive in jewelry!

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American Bald Eagle Bracelet

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