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What are Braided Rivers?

What are Braided Rivers?

Alaska has many Braided Rivers. Have you ever fished a braided river? That memory; standing waist deep in right chilly waters, casting that fly just ever so perfectly and really in that.....darn fish just got away! What exactly is a braided river?

Our friend Wiki states, "A braided river, or braided channel, consists of a network of river channels separated by small, often temporary, islands ... Braided streams tend to occur in rivers with high sediment loads and/or coarse grain sizes, and in rivers with steeper slopes than typical rivers with straight or meandering channel patterns." Here is picture of a braided river: (source:, 5/18/21)

We have captured the pattern and texture in our Braided River Bracelet collection. All are made of natural leather with stainless steel clasps and are available individually or as a set.



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